Darkness Train

"A train of cars was shown me, going with the speed of lightning. The angel bade me look carefully. I fixed my eyes upon the train. It seemed that the whole world was on board, that there could not be one left. Said the angel, "They are binding in bundles ready to burn." Then he showed me the conductor, who appeared like a stately, fair person, whom all the passengers looked up to and reverenced. I was perplexed and asked my attending angel who it was. He said, "It is Satan. He is the conductor in the form of an angel of light. He has taken the world captive. They are given over to strong delusions, to believe a lie, that they may be damned." EW 88

Darkness Train

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Out from the edges of darkness

Was heard the roar of a train

Traveling faster and faster

As nearer and near it came.


Then sounds of laughter with music and song

Heard above the clattering wheels

A restaurant car, with its windows ajar

Was serving wine with extravagant meals


There was standing room only

In the carriages bright

People inside were planning

For years of ease and delight


The pastor was inviting all to a meeting

At which would be feasting and fun

And if the noise spilt out into the church service

He felt no harm would be done


I then saw our Tess with dear little Sam

Cradled lovingly close to her breast

And Nic my brother was boasting to the conductor

Of Sam’s talents and how much they’d been blest


The conductor was smiling He gave praises to God

For Sam, and spoke of God’s grace;

Then he paused to turn to the window,

And I cried as the light hit his face


On one side was the face of an angel,

Radiant with beauty and grace;

On the other the face of a demon,

Twisted with evil and hate.


His eyes were exceedingly cunning,

And he spoke with words so kind,

And all who were gathered rejoiced at his presence,

And obeyed his commands as if blind.


The carriages had words painted on them,

‘Procrastination’ read the first one in sight,

‘We’re being saved while sinning’, bragged the second

The third, ‘Rejection of light’


Another, ‘Eat, drink and be merry,’

Tomorrow will always be there;

Followed by one with a bold banner blazing,

"No time for study or prayer’.


"No time for a look at the Savior’,

Was the saddest to behold,

And, ‘Ministers who gave not the warning’

To the confused and wandering fold.


I could stand no more and cried out ‘stop the train!’

And met Satan’s enraged, evil glare,

But ‘too late’ the wheels said a-clacking,

‘Too late for your burden of care!’


The Savior’s love they’ve rejected,

And neglected His sacrifice dear.

The time given to them, they’ve wasted,

And mocked at the warnings so clear.


They’ve chosen this other master,

And have refused to tear themselves free,

At the end of their journey, lies waiting,

Death, for eternity!


I woke to feel my tears falling,

So relieved things were not as they seemed,

Or, I thought again, ‘are they?

‘Wasn’t reality the same as the dream??’


I’d been thinking of buying a ticket,

For this journey of pleasure and gain,

But I shuddered and praise God for His blessing,

For the chance to start over again!

Dianne Styles