The Marked Bible


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            THIS little book from the beginning created a demand for its multiplication.  The author, Charles Lindsay Taylor, was pre-eminently a soul winner and builder.  He gave his heart to God at the early age of fifteen, and two years later dedicated his all to his chosen Master’s service.

            The writer of this brief introduction became acquainted with him in his early Christian experience.  There were times when together they labored for the salvation of souls.  Frequent changes were necessitated on account of ill health, but never cessation of earnest work for his Master and for souls for whom the Master died.

            Educational work was part of his life.  He taught in schools in California, Georgia, Washington, Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan, closing his teaching work in Emmanuel Missionary College, in Berrien Springs, in the state last named.  In Sabbath school and missionary work he was greatly interested.  His experience as a chaplain for years in a large sanitarium brought him into close and intimate touch with the sick and suffering.

            He was an indefatigable student, and the chief book in his life’s course of study was the Bible.  He had an exceptional gift as a clear, convincing writer, a spirit and style peculiarly impressive and sympathetic.  His hundreds of contributions to the religious press attest this; and the two books, “A Neighborhood Transformer” and “The Marked Bible,” that came from his pen during the last two years of his life, written in pain and suffering, bring home to the heart in strikingly convincing power two great phases of truth.

            His desire was to present Biblical truth involving a cross from the true winning side, that the glory of truth’s blessings and beauties might illuminate with a new luster the cross, and transform it into a refuge, a guide to glory eternal.

            In this little work, he has set before the reader in a composite life picture, not unreal, the struggle of souls enmeshed in sin and prejudice, for light and truth.  He shows the wisdom of the humble disciple and the power of the Word to lead the soul through it all to restful triumph in Christ.  There is not a phase  of life presented in this booklet, not an inconsistent argument against the truth of God, that has not been witnessed over and over in the great throngs of humanity that fill the “valley of decision” which lies between the sinks of selfishness and sin, and the glorious evergreen mountains of God’s victorious way.

            The circulation of “The Marked Bible” exceeds a million copies.  It has been translated into many languages.  The author fell asleep in Jesus, in the full tide of his usefulness, December 18, 1918; but his works follow on, continually bringing souls to Christ. 

He saw God’s truth, but did not stay

To ask if others saw the way.

Content was he in heart we know

That Jesus walked there here below.

And evermore He walks with men,

That men may walk His paths again.

And He is more than all besides;

For others fail, but He abides.

M. C. W.