A People of Prophecy. . .

In most religious movements or organizations we can point to one person or a group that initiated it, leading out in setting it up; however with the Great Advent Movement we see only the Prophetic Word being the catalyst and the leading of the Holy Spirit as the power bringing it into being. Like our Saviour, the Advent Movement can claim only God as her Father.

The main verse the Spirit used to arouse people in many lands to the concept of the nearness of Christ's Second Coming, was Daniel 8:14; "And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." no other religious movement that we know of has only a Bible Text to explain its existence. Let's explore some of the wonders of the Great Advent Movement through articles and stories.

Stories about the Early Advent Pioneers

Pioneer Stories: Spalding

Pioneer Days of the Advent Message: Spicer

Pioneering in the West. McCumber

Memories of October 22, 1844

Notes on Early Times in this Advent Movement: Spicer

When Jesus Almost Came: Walton

Lighter of Gospel Fires: A Biography of Loughborough

Experiences of a Pioneer Evangelist

Footprints Of The Pioneers.

Founders Of The Message.

Prophecy, Promises and You.

More Stories about God's Leading in the Advent Movement

God was Ready at the Bank!

Accuracy of Prophetic Fulfilment