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History's Bad Rap:

It is really amazing how modern man swallows down eagerly any spin and propaganda that powers with their own hidden agenda's want to dish up. Nowhere is that seen so much as in the false idea that history is boring and unnecessary to education. This lie has come into vogue in the last couple of decade--just as certain powers are returning to the ascendancy, who have very good reasons to not want their true past history known!

There is an even more sinister side of the history story--modern history books, movies and even text books contain twisted and fictitious versions of history conveniently re-written by so-called 'scholars' serving the hidden agenda's of their true employers.

Only books written before the start of the 20th century have a good chance to be accurate. For example, did you know that The last reliable Encyclopedia Britannica is the 11th edition written before the company moved to the USA in early 1900s! It was largely reprinted up to the 13th edition--after that it has gradually been corrupted: forewarned is forearmed!


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History E-books: The Papacy; The Dark Ages; The Reformation:


Ancient Sun Worship - Jones.

Ante-Nicean Fathers.

Antiquities of the Jews.

Cure of Infidelity.

Decline and Fall / Roman Empire: Gibbons 1.
Decline and Fall / Roman Empire: Gibbons 2.
Decline and Fall / Roman Empire: Gibbons 3.
Decline and Fall / Roman Empire: Gibbons 4.
Decline and Fall / Roman Empire: Gibbons 5.
Decline and Fall / Roman Empire: Gibbons 6.


Facts of Faith.


History of True Religion

History of Christian Church 1.
History of Christian Church 2.
History of Christian Church 3.
History of Christian Church 4.
History of Christian Church 5.
History of Christian Church 6.

History Jewish Wars.

The Two Babylons.

Life & works of Josephus.


Paganism-in-Christianity. 1892

The Magna Carta.

The Legacy of Mohammed.

The History of the Waldenses: Wylie.

The Story of Patrick.

The Two Babylons.


Truth Triumphant.

Venerable Bede's History.

 The Dark Ages

Council Of Trent.

Forty Years in the Church of Christ.

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.

Fox's book of Martyrs.

Inquisitive Christians.

History of the Jesuits.

The Lateran Treaty.

Maria Monk-illus.

Out Of The Labyrinth.

Story of Pope John-Paul 1st.

The Priest, the Woman & the Confessional.

Soul of a Priest.

The Jesuit Strategy.

History of the Papacy - Wylie.

The Papacy in Bible Prophecy.

Roman Relics and Peter's Bones.

The Wine of Roman Babylon.


What I Saw In Rome-Coltheart.

Why She Does What She Does.

Reformation History

Antichrist and the Reformation.

Babylon Captivity of the Church: Luther.

Romanism and the Reformation.

Were Protestants & Catholics the Same?

What Catholics & Protestants Should Know.

The 95 Thesis.

Erasmus and Luther.

First Principles of the Reformation: Luther.

History of Protestantism Vol 1 - Wylie.
History of Protestantism Vol 2 - Wylie.
History of Protestantism Vol 3 - Wylie.

History of the Reformation.

Luther at Worms-d'Aubingine.

Martin Luther's Conversion.

The St. Bartholomew Massacre.

The Moravians.

While It Is Day.

Why were the Reformers Burned.