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Advent Church History and Doctrines Library

2nd Coming & End Time Issues:

Addendum: Cotton Mather's Famous Preface.


Antichrist & the Rapture.

Assurance-as-clouds Darken.

Beginning of the End.

Behold He Comes.

Earth Final Warning.

Entering Armageddon.

Final Exams.


Gay Takeover.

History of the Mystery.

Identifying the Remnant.

Is it Really Time to Leave the Cities.

Last Day Delusions.

No Time for Time-Excitement.

No Turning Back.

New World Order & Mark of the Beast.

Out Of The Cities.

Prophetic Parallels Non-SDA Condensed.

Prophetic Parallels: Condensed

Prophetic Parallels: NonSDA.

Prophetic Parallels: SDA.


Sunday Law.

The End of Time.

The Last-Night-on-Earth.

The Promise Keepers Objective.

The Rapture Theory.

The Terrible Storm.

The 3-Angels Messages.

We are not to set Time.

What the Bible says about the Secret Rapture.



Answers to Objections & Questions

Answers to Questions.

Answers to Objections.


Baptism by Immersion.

Bible Reasons to be SDA-Kern.


Drama of the Ages.

Gods Answers-Vine.

God Answers Your Questions: Emmerson.

Important Bible Truths.

In Defense of the Faith.

Jeremiah Attack.

Reasons for our Faith: Nichol.

Refuting Attacks against Advent Beliefs.

Prove all Things.

The Bible Speaks: Emmerson.

Doctrines: JW; Mormon; Catholic

Accuracy of Prophetic Fulfillment.

Duties of Priest: Ligouri.

Is It The Watchtower?

JWs and the 1914 Date.

The Glories of Mary: Ligouri.

The Joseph Smith Papyri.

Our Friends the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Priesthood.

Roman Catholic Quotations.