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Adventures in Truth

Escape from Death: The Slaybaugh Story  Amazing True Story of a determined Search for Truth, A Terrible Accident and a Miracle of Healing. Download PDF E-Book

Judy Steps Out A Nurse's escape from purgatory: Download PDF E-Book


The Marked Bible  A Rebellious Son; A Mothers Love; lead to an Adventure in Truth Download PDF E-Book

Straightening Out Mrs. Perkins They just had to set the dear lady straight: Download PDF E-Book

 Ella Simpson: Neighborhood Transformer PDF EBook. A wayward Teen falls in love with Bible Truth and really shocks the folk back home.

The Repairing of Sam Brown A Mechanic's Adventure in  Truth: Download PDF E-Book

Breaking One; is Breaking Ten! An Infidel gets an Eye-opener.

Highways to Happiness People travelling life’s highway, seek the goal of happiness and contentment. Not many ever arrive at this wonderful place, and some get off track and lose their way.

Bricks for Sale A bright, helpful story, with a happy ending, about a family that rose out of squalor and poverty

Life Begins with God Because it is my firm conviction that youth longs to find “solid ground”--the permanent values, the constant things of life I have written my answer to young people of the twentieth century as I, a youth of this century, have confronted the problems and found the solution in my own experience.

 Search for Paradise For thousands of years, mankind has searched for paradise. For most of us, it seems so far away. Some willingly journey to distant lands in quest of it. But, after arriving there, it is not always what they had expected.

Showdown in Siberia  Amazing True Adventure in the Far North of Russia

 I Became An Advent Believer Stories of spiritual struggle and triumph by successful men and women who found Christ and peace in the Advent message

This I Believe: G. Burnside In response to many requests, Elder Burnside presents a series of Twelve Basic Bible lectures which have proved immensely popular. You will enjoy his sound logic.

This I Believe:  William Oche 24 Basic Foundational Beliefs expounded

John Green's Pocket A Story from Fact to Whom it may Concern.

Friendly Talks on Vital Subjects Readable Conversations on Important Bible Topics