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Topical & Reference Library

2nd Coming & End Time Issues:


Antichrist & the Rapture.

Assurance-as-clouds Darken.

Beginning of the End.

Behold He Comes.

Earth Final Warning.

Entering Armageddon.

Final Exams.


Gay Takeover.

History of the Mystery.

Identifying the Remnant.

Is it Really Time to Leave the Cities.

Last Day Delusions.

No Time for Time-Excitement.

No Turning Back.

New World Order & Mark of the Beast.

Out Of The Cities.

Prophetic Parallels Non-SDA Condensed.

Prophetic Parallels: Condensed

Prophetic Parallels: NonSDA.

Prophetic Parallels: SDA.


Sunday Law.

The End of Time.

The Last-Night-on-Earth.

The Promise Keepers Objective.

The Rapture Theory.

The Terrible Storm.

The 3-Angels Messages.

We are not to set Time.

What the Bible says about the Secret Rapture.



Ancient Classics & Allegories

La-Nobla-Lecon. Waldensian 1100 A.D.

Parable of the Wicked Mammon.

Paradise Lost - Milton.

Paradise Regained - Milton.

Pilgrim's Progress-I.

Pilgrim's-Progress II.

Saints' Everlasting Rest

Answers to Objections & Questions

Answers to Questions.

Answers to Objections.


Baptism by Immersion.

Bible Reasons to be SDA-Kern.


Drama of the Ages.

Gods Answers-Vine.

God Answers Your Questions: Emmerson.

Important Bible Truths.

In Defense of the Faith.

Jeremiah Attack.

Reasons for our Faith: Nichol.

Refuting Attacks against Advent Beliefs.

Prove all Things.

The Bible Speaks: Emmerson.

Benevolent Work  

The Forgotten Work.

Leah's Story.

Lost Jewels.

Bible History, Study & Reference:

Bible Chronology.

Bible Cross References.

Bible Doctrines: Kranz.

Bible Handbook: Haskell.

Bible Readings for the Home Circle.

Bible Studies - Starr.

Biblical Genealogies.


Family Bible Studies-All.

Fundamental of Bible Doctrine.

Genesis to Revelation.


Luther on Galatians.


New Testament KJV.

Old Testament Bible History: Edersheim.

Old Testament KJV.

Preface to Luther on Romans.


Receiving The Word.

The Bible Made Plain - Pollok.

The Fourfold Gospel.

The Week of 7000 Years.


Theologia Germanica.

Training for the Bible Instructor: 

TR Stephanus.

Tyndale's Bible.




Word-Studies New Test. 1 & 2.

Word-Studies New Test. 3 & 4.

Works of Arminius: 1.

Works of Arminius: 2.

Works of Arminius: 3.

 Bible Truths for Catholics

The Song of the The Blessed Virgin 1:
The Song of the The Blessed Virgin 2:



Autobiography of Fox.

Charles Finney.

George Muller.

Grace Abounding.

In Praise of Folly - Erasmus.

Hudson Taylor.

John Wesley.

Judaism to Christianity.

Life of Moody.

Life & Times of Savonorola.

Philo Judaeus.

Vance Ferrell: Story of my Life.

Christian Inspirational Reading 

Agape X Eros.

As a little child.

Brothers of the King.

Christian Behavior: Bunyan.

Christian Perfection: Wesley.

Christian-Standards: Sports.

How To Live.

Lambs Among Wolves.

Principles of Life From God's Word.

Resisting Temptation.

Secrets of Happy Living.

Smith: Christian Secret.

The Deeper Christian Life.

The Life of Victory.

The Presence of God.

The Sin of Licentiousness.

Vain Intellectualism.

You Can Overcome!

Christian Education

Church School Manual 1919.

Christian Education. by A. T. Jones:

Home & Church School.

That's Courtesy.

Give Attendance to Reading.


Studies Christian Education.

The Science of True Education.

Christian Education. E. A. Sutherland


Creation & Evolution

After the Flood.


Biographies-Creation Scientists.



Creation Speaks-Clark.

Creation not Evolution.

The Creator's Workshop.

Darwin's Body-snatchers.



Evidence for a Young World.

Evolution Cruncher.



Evolution Handbook.


Genesis & Evolution: Don't Mix.

God and Evolution.

How Old is the World?

Is There Really A God.

Is There No God.

The Lamb in Chinese Characters.

The Mammoth Mystery.

Q-E-D. George McCready Price

The Races of Man.

Creation-Evolution/Scopes Trial.



Stones and Bones.

Studies In Creationism: Marsh.

The Evolution of a Creationist.

The Young Earth.

Why Noah's Flood.

Lessons from Nature

Astronomy Reveals God

Fantastic Outer Space.

Immensity of God's Starry Heavens.

Orion's Mysteries.

Stars and the Bible.

The Glory of the Stars.

Wonders of Design.

Wonders of Nature.

How to Teach Nature in the Home

Love's Way.

Doctrines: JW; Mormon; Catholic

Accuracy of Prophetic Fulfillment.

Duties of Priest: Ligouri.

Is It The Watchtower?

JWs and the 1914 Date.

The Glories of Mary: Ligouri.

The Joseph Smith Papyri.

Our Friends the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Priesthood.

Roman Catholic Quotations.

Sermon Helps, Stories & Illustrations

Preach the Word.

5 Sermons: Ferrell.

Absolute Surrender.

Best of BSW Magazine 1.

Best of BSW Magazine 2.

Best of BSW Magazine 3.

Best of BSW Magazine 4.

Day by Day-Frank Wilcox.


Life Situations.

Pearls from Many Seas.

Sermons Illustration Stories.

Sermon on Gideon.

Sermon on Jonah.

Revival Lectures: Finney.

Ribband of Blue.

The True Vine.

The Advent Movement and the Exodus: Taylor Bunch.

Wesley's Sermons.

Whitefield Sermons.