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The Importance of the Foundations

Again and again I have been shown that the past experiences of God's people are not to be counted as dead facts. We are not to treat the record of these experiences as we would treat a last year's almanac. The record is to be kept in mind, for history will repeat itself. The darkness of the mysteries of the night is to be illuminated with the light of heaven. . . . {PM 175.3}

Most church members and even most ministers and teachers are totally uniformed of the actual foundation of truth given to the Advent Movement especially in the years 1840-1844. Time is well spent in prayerfully studying these original documents, attested to by the Holy Spirit, for yourself. We cannot afford to be ignorant of the very foundations we must return to!

Said my accompanying angel, "Woe to him who shall move a block or stir a pin of these messages. The true understanding of these messages is of vital importance. The destiny of souls hangs upon the manner in which they are received." Early Writings, pp. 258, 259. (1858.)

The warning has come: Nothing is to be allowed to come in that will disturb the foundation of the faith upon which we have been building ever since the message came in 1842, 1843, and 1844. I was in this message, and ever since I have been standing before the world, true to the light that God has given us. We do not propose to take our feet off the platform on which they were placed as day by day we sought the Lord with earnest prayer, seeking for light. Do you think that I could give up the light that God has given me? It is to be as the Rock of Ages. It has been guiding me ever since it was given. Brethren and sisters, God lives and reigns and works today. His hand is on the wheel, and in His providence He is turning the wheel in accordance with His own will. Let not men fasten themselves to documents, saying what they will do and what they will not do. Let them fasten themselves to the Lord God of heaven. Then the light of heaven will shine into the soul-temple, and we shall see the salvation of God. {GCB, April 6, 1903 par. 35}



Foundations & History
for Advent Believers

We are glad to be able to offer you an extensive library of early pioneer materials in PDF form for easy downloading and printing.





The Advent Pioneer E-Book Research Library 2

Listed Alphabetically by Author and Title: M to Z

Miller; William 

Addendum: Mather's Famous Latin Preface.

Address to 2nd Advent Believers 1841.

Address to Believers in the 2nd Advent.

A-Trilogy-William Miller.

Battle of Gog.

Bible Chronology.

Cleansing of the Sanctuary.

Dissertation on Prophetic Chronology.

Evidence of 2nd Coming about the year 1843. Miller's Works Vol. 2

Explanation of Prophetic Figures.

Exposition on the Little Horn.

Ferguson's Astronomy Extract 3.

Harvest of the World.

Hints on Interpretation of Prophecies.

Lecture on Two Sticks.

Lectures on Truth.

Letter on 2nd Advent.

Memoir of William Miller.

Miller's Exposition Matthew 24 part 1.

Miller's Exposition Matthew 24 part 2.

Miller's Reply. 1842

Remarks on Revelation 13-17-18 by Miller.

Review of Cobb's 'Miller-Mania'.

Review of Dowling's Reply 1.

Review of Dowling's Reply 2.

Review of the Two Witnesses REV 11.

Scene of the Last Days.

Synopsis of Miller's Views.

The 1260 Days of Daniel and John.

The Final Judgment.

The Great Sabbath.

The Times and its Duties.

Two Days in Hosea.

Two Witnesses: Remarkable Fulfillment of Prophecy.

Views of the Prophecies by William Miller.

Visions of Ezekiel.

William Miller's Apology and Defense.

William Miller's Explanation of Symbols.

William Miller's Rules.

Preble; T. M.

Tract on Seventh Day. 1845

Smith; Uriah

Daniel and the Revelation. Uriah Smith

Daniel and the Revelation. Another Edition

The Seven Heads of Revelation 12, 13, 17.

Ancient Sun Worship.

Appeal to Youth.

Both sides: Review of Preble.

Business Career of James White.

Is Sunday called the Sabbath?

Who Changed the Sabbath?

Key to the Prophetic Chart.

America's Crisis.

Day of the Crucifixion.

The 2300 Days and the Sanctuary.

Defense of James and Ellen White.

Man's Nature and Destiny.

Fundamental Principles of Seventh-day Adventists.

The Great Commandment.

Greek Falsehood.


USA in the Light of Prophecy.

Looking unto Jesus.

Marvel of Nations.

Modern Spiritualism.

Mortal or Immortal.

What was Nailed to the Cross.

Parable of the Ten Virgins.

A Question Answered.

Replies To Canright-U Smith.


The Sanctuary and the 2300 Days.

Bible Students Assistant.

Study on the 144,000.

Study in the Greek.

SDAs and their Work.

Triple immersion.

Synopsis of Present Truth.

The Two Covenants.

Visions of Ellen White.

Warning Voice of Time and Prophecy.

Without Excuse.

Word for the Sabbath.

Storrs; George

Is There Immortality In Sin and Suffering?

Waggoner; E. J.

Articles on Romans.

Baptism's Significance.

Blotting Out of Sin.

Can We Keep the Sabbath?

Christ and His Righteousness.

Church Authority.


Fathers of the Catholic Church.

Fore knowledge.

General Conference Sermons 1891.

Glad Tidings Original.

God Manifest in the Flesh.

Good Works.

Gospel in Galatians.

Gospel in Creation.

How Righteousness is Obtained.

How the Word Came.

How to get Knowledge.

Letter and Spirit.

Life in Christ.

Living by Faith 2.

Living by Faith.

Miracles of Jesus.

Perpetuity of the Law.

Power of Christ.

Prophetic Lights: Waggoner.

Rest That Remains.

Salvation in Jesus Christ.

Saving Faith.

Sunday Origin in the Christian Church.

The Everlasting Covenant.

The Free Gift.

The Glad Tidings.

The Inspired Word

The Literal Week.

The Three Sabbaths.

Unconquerable Life.

Waggoner on Romans.

Waggoner; Joseph Harvey

Age to come.


Law of God.

Lost Time Question.

Nature and Obligation of the Sabbath.

Which Day do You Keep?.

White; Ellen Gould (Harmon)

Christ in His Sanctuary.

Day-star Broadside 1  April 6, 1846 

Day-star Broadside 2  April 7, 1847

Day-star Broadside 3 January 31, 1849

Earliest Great Controversy 1858

Call for Individual Responsibility in the Church

Sketch of the Christian Experiences and Views of Ellen White: 1851

SOP on the 144000.

Supplement to the Christian Experiences and Views of Ellen White: 1854

Testimonies to the Church 1-10 1864 Original

Testimonies to the Church 11-13 1867 Original

The Word to the Little Flock: May 1847(Reprint)

White; James Springer 

2300 Days and the Shut Door.

2nd Coming in Matthew 24.

3rd Angel's Message.

Account of Death of Nathaniel White.

An Earnest Appeal 23OT.

Angels of Revelation 14.

Appeal on Immortality.

A Word to the Little Flock

A Word to the Little Flock 1846 Original

Bible Adventism.

Biblical Institute Lectures 1878.

Christ in the Old Testament.

Church not in Darkness.

Dime Tabernacle.

Four Universal Monarchies.

God's Memorial.


Law and the Gospel.

Leadership-J. White.

Letter to Dimmick 1842.

Life incidents.

Millerites and Ascension Robes:

Miller's Dream.

My Lord Delayeth.

Noah's Time and Ours.

Old Moral Code 10 Commandments.

Organization and Discipline.

Our Faith and Hope.

Parable of Matthew 25.

Perpetuity of Spiritual Gifts.

Personality of God.

Preach the Word.

Present-Truth 1-11 1849-1850.

Redeemer and Redeemed.

Reward for Ascension Robe Proof.

Saving Faith.

Scriptural Conversion.

Second Advent.

Second Advent: Manner.

Seventh Day Sabbath not Abolished.

Signs of the Times 1853.

Signs of the Times 1870.

Sketches on the labor of Wm. Miller.

The 1290 and the 1335 Days-The Pioneer position of the “daily” in Daniel 1858.

The Bible Sabbath

The Kingdom.

The Millennium.

The Sanctuary.

The Sounding of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation 8 & 9.

The Time.

Time of the End.


Trinity an error.

Two Thrones.

Waymarks of Daniel.

 Miscellaneous Authors

Original: Early Advent Hymns: 1849.

Advent Awakening.

Coming-of-Messiah-Vol1. Ben-Ezra (Lacunza)

Coming-of-Messiah-Vol2. Ben-Ezra (Lacunza)

Facsimiles of the Two Earliest SDA Periodicals

Parable of Matthew 25: RH 1851

The Midnight Cry Nichol.

When Jesus Almost Came.

Stories about the Early Advent Pioneers

Pioneer Stories: Spalding

Pioneer Days of the Advent Message: Spicer

Pioneering in the West. McCumber

Memories of October 22, 1844

Notes on Early Times in this Advent Movement: Spicer

When Jesus Almost Came: Walton

Lighter of Gospel Fires: A Biography of Loughborough

Experiences of a Pioneer Evangelist

Footprints Of The Pioneers.

Founders Of The Message.

Part 1