A Trip into the Supernatural!

A Harrowing Brush With the Powers of Darkness
Roger Morneau tells his Amazing Story

PDF EBook of the Whole Story

In 1946 a young French-Canadian ex-service man, Roger Morneau, had a most harrowing brush with the Supernatural. The first part of his story is told in the book 'Trip into the Supernatural'. After his own remarkable rescue, he made it his life's purpose to help others by utilizing the power of Prayer and the Promises of God.

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1. In Trouble with the Spirits:

2. My Childhood Days:

3. A Trip into the Supernatural:

4. Worship Room of the Gods:

5. Spirits in Action:

6. Pressure for a Commitment:

7. Demon Worship to Bible Study:

8. Monday Evening at Study:

9. Studying on Borrowed Time:

10. Day of Promises:

11. The Bible Sabbath:

12. New Day and a New Life:

13. Episode of Death:

14. Counting my Blessings: