The Incredible Power of Prayer!

Incredible Power of Prayer: Audio Book

In 1946 a young French-Canadian ex-service man, Roger Morneau, had a most harrowing brush with the Supernatural. The first part of his story is told in the book 'Trip into the Supernatural'. After his own remarkable rescue, he made it his life's purpose to help others by utilizing the power of Prayer and the Promises of God. He wrote 3 books on the subject of answered prayer and then this book was put out containing some of the best of the three previous volumes. Sadly it is no longer in print but we hope you enjoy this Audio MP3 version.

Chapter 1: This is the House of Death

Chapter 2: God Protects His Child

Chapter 3: Jesus' Intensive Care Unit

Chapter 4: Prayers with High Dividends

Chapter 5: Perpetual Prayer List

Chapter 6: Interceding for Young People

Chapter 7: Praying for Those who don't know God

Chapter 8: Every Problem, a Call to Prayer

Chapter 9: Flood of Healing Grace

Chapter 10: No Greater Joy

Chapter 11: Unlimited Help

Chapter 12: Tragedy of Crumbling Homes

Chapter 13: Prayer Ministry

Chapter 14: Feeling Unforgiven