A truly pagan event celebrating evil and death. A truly Christian event: thanking God for Life, the Harvest and His goodness!
Had its origins in cruel rites and rituals that make one's blood run cold to even contemplate. Worship of the dead and placating of evil spirits are all part of it. Had its origins in the ancient feasts ordained by God for His People. Also as instituted by the pilgrims in gratitude to God for their survival.
Tons of sugar and harmful health-destroying substances make up this feast. Healthful food is prepared for this feast.
Handouts are greedily demanded from others. Traditionally associated with sharing of  good foods with the poor and needy.
Candy and health-destroying substances are gathered up and crammed into children, the very people who are most likely to be harmed by such garbage! Although some overindulgence may occur, the foods served are nutritious and the whole family benefits.
Millions of pumpkins are bought--silly faces carved into them, then they are left to rot or end up smashed all over the streets of North America! A criminal waste of money and  food that thousands of starving people could be benefited by. Pumpkins are made into reasonably nutritious pies. In olden days they were carefully stored, or dried and provided a substantial part of the family food for the winter.
The amount of money wasted on harmful candy and other indulgences as well as on silly costumes that encourage a love for unreality boggles the mind. There are no silly costumes or candy traditionally associated with this holiday. It was associated with sober thoughts of the goodness of God and the results of  honest labor.
Vandalism and meaningless destruction are associated big time with Halloween. Not so Thanksgiving
The practices of Halloween encourage love for the ugliness of cruelty and death. The so called 'powers' of darkness are exulted. the only real power that evil has leads only to death. Thanksgiving encourages love for Life. The harvest displays promote love of beauty. God's power and goodness are exalted.
Many animals end up being meaninglessly tortured and killed in satanic rituals--maybe you deny it--but the facts sustain this!! Traditionally some meat was shot or otherwise humanely killed for the feast and shared with all at the feast.
Many children are harmed, both by the excess sugar, accidents associated with the silly costumes and deliberately by Satanists and other perverts placing harmful substances in 'treats' hoping to seriously harm or kill a child. Traditionally a time when family togetherness is strengthened and children rejoice in the sense of belonging.
Truly the whole idea reflects Satan's 'value' system: Unhealthful indulgence; selfishness and greed; love of unreality; wastefulness; destruction; cruelty; death; ugliness and so on. The whole idea reflects God's value system: nutritious food; sharing; family togetherness; truth; thankfulness; generosity; beauty and life.

Now I ask you to stop and contemplate all this Halloween foolishness and waste--And while you are contemplating that--contemplate THIS!!