Hidden History

Books and Manuscripts with insight into the past;
and also the future as History Repeats.

Holidays: Christian or Pagan?
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JOY AT THE END OF THE ROAD: Eric B. Hare's personal Testimony.

LUTHER; ERASMUS; LOYOLA Two Spiritual Powers and a Man on the Fence.

NOBLA LESSON: (NOBLE LESSON) A Document of the Waldenses written in 1100 A.D.


THE INQUISITIVE CHRISTIANS: What Happened to the ancient Sabbath Keeping Christians of India?

THE MASSACRE OF ST. BARTHOLOMEW ‘Where our Lord was Crucified’ From a Rare Book of 1854.

THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Some glimpses of the Reign of Terror From a Rare Book of 1854.

THE SABBATH OF GOD THROUGH THE CENTURIES: What has been the practice of Christians keeping a Sabbath?

THE PRIEST, THE WOMAN, AND THE CONFESSIONAL: An interesting and provocative look at the system of auricular confession and its impact on the individual, the family, and society.

THE TWO BABYLONS: or Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife; Entire Book in PDF. extremely well researched study of differing systems of worship and their ultimate beginnings.

TRUTH TRIUMPHANT: Extensive documentation traces the development of the Christian church. Truly a classic.

 Holidays: Christian or Pagan?

Problem with Christmas?

Mocking God on Merchant's Day

Jesus Christ and Santa Claus

A Christmas Study

Did Christians always keep Christmas?

Is Christmas Really Christian?

Shocking Facts About Christmas: 

What About This Christ Mass?

Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas.

Hunting the Wren.

Christmas; Easter; and Halloween A complete PDF eBook.

How Shall We Celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Christians Celebrate Easter?

Easter Sun-Day 

Easter: Article from Review and Herald 1909.

Contrasting Thanksgiving & Halloween

Halloween Treat or Pagan Trick?

Halloween: A Celebration of Evil

Halloween: What is it to us?

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Where Did Halloween Come From?

Halloween: The Book

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Valentine's DAY Unveiled

St. Valentine's Day

The Origin of Valentine's Day