Archeology & The Bible

In both History and Archeology as well as many other areas of modern 'knowledge' there have been many cover-ups and distortions brought in since the 20th century; only in the final review of the books in heaven will all the truth be known, however much is still available to us in older books and articles.

30000 Miles Of Miracles:

Archeological Dating:

Bible in the The Critic's Den: From out of the past comes an amazing book written in 1917 by a former skeptic, Earle Albert Rowell. Find here the roots of the New Theology that is smothering true faith today in the accounts of the inroads of 'Higher Criticism'.

Buried Evidence: Report on a 1950s Tour of the Middle East:

Chronology of Ezra 7:

David Dare: Is the Bible only a collection of myths and legends? Can it be proved to be accurate? Thrill to the amazing prophetic accounts in this small masterpiece of a book, written by a man converted from skepticism by the shear weight of evidence.

Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls:

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Burnside

Giant Underground City of Bashan:

Letters to 7 Churches-Ramsey:

Light From the Dust Heaps:

New Testament in Light of Research:

Paul the Traveler:

Peter's Jerusalem Tomb:

The Spade and the Book: