Take Your Mule, Let's go with Nehemiah to View:

"The Desolations of Jerusalem"

Dramatic Newly Uncovered Facts

Presented by Duane Dewey 11-2011

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04-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-04: PDF

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07-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-07: PDF

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11-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-11: PDF

12-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-12: PDF

13-Desolations-of-Jerusalem.mp3     Transcript-13: PDF

Timeline of the Philadelphia and Laodicea Churches.pdf

Alpha & Omega Apostasy:

Two presentations that are part of the Desolation series.
What is the real bottom line on the 'Daily' Dilemma?
What is so special about the Fourth Generation?

001-JP-Alpha-Omega-s.mp3   Transcript: 01 PDF

002-JP-Alpha-Omega-s.mp3   Transcript: 02 PDF

 The 4th: "Generation of Vipers!"

Notes: The_Alpha_and_Omega_Apostasy

Sure you know what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist?
Try this Advent Foundations test and find out.

PDF EBook Library of Relevant Documents and Charts

Elder Dewey's Chart for These Presentations:

 1842 Millerite Chart:

The Role of Biblical Hermeneutics in Preserving Unity in the Church: Cottrell.pdf

Does 1844-have a Pagan-Foundation.pdf

The Doctrine of Christ: W.W. Prescott.pdf

The Washburn Letters.pdf

The Pioneer position of "The Daily" a PDF collection of Millerite Documents

The Dismantling of Seventh-Day Adventism: interesting history every advent believer needs to know. This document recognizes the role Prescott played but lacks some of the details we now have in the above studies. EBook and MP3.