The Victorious Life!

Take a lesson from dandelions; they do what they can do;

To help them grow they spread their seed, and grow as tall as they will need,

In the grass or near the trees they grow and grow.


Take a lesson from dandelions, that God has made them strong;

To weather rain and wind and snow, grow short and tall, yes they just know;

What to do to help them live and grow and grow and grow.

dandelions on the meadow © Maria Brzostowska #616050.

The First Dandelion

Simple and fresh and fair from winter's close emerging,
As if no artifice of fashion, business, politics, had ever been,
Forth from its sunny nook of shelter'd grass--innocent, golden, calm as the dawn,
The spring's first dandelion shows its trustful face.
"Leaves of Grass," by Walt Whitman



Benevolence and Charity:

Sharing Heaven's Graces!

“No one can light a lamp and put it under a table or under a bed; the whole house will burn. So carry your candle, run to the darkness, seek out the lowly, deceived and torn, hold out your candle for all to see, lift your candle, go light the world, brighten the corner where you are, someone far from harbor may behold your light afar. Brighten the corner, where you are! We have all authority given us by God!”

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Lost Jewels.

John Green's Pocket


         Making a Difference

 Stars fade to pale beneath dawn's light,

     Sun's rays will soon put night to flight.

     Upon white sands waves crash and roar,

     Now begin their withdrawal from shore.

     Beside the sea, beneath skies gray,

     I watch, I wait for this new day.


     A boy is walking near the sea,

     Drawing closer, yet closer to me.

     Again and again he's reaching down,

     Rescuing stranded clams on the ground.

     Gritting with fierce determination,

     He flings the things into the ocean.


     "Hey boy," said I, "Why waste your time?

     Ten thousand clams cover this coastline!

     You are so young, so small, just one!

     How can you make a difference, son?"

     His small, bare feet shuffling in the sand,

     He glances at the life laying in his hand,

     And raising it high toward the rising sun,

     Cries, "It'll make a difference to this one."